Learning: Videos

Below you may view select videos showing various procedures. All of our videos may be viewed on MEDtube.net or on YouTube (channel: periEau). Please note, most of these videos show actual surgical procedures and not just before and after pictures.


The Perioscopy Solution

Perioscopy is a procedure using a miniature dental endoscope with advanced video, lighting, and magnification technology that enables dentists or hygienists to diagnose and treat areas below the gumline non-surgically. To learn more about Perioscopy visit Perioscopy.com


Periodontal Microsurgery: AlloDerm Root Coverage

Recession, Limited Gingival Band, Esthetics and Stability are addressed with this Periodontal Microsurgical procedure using a purified collagen implant: AlloDerm

Periodontal Microsurgery: Socket Preservation Failing Bridge Abutment

Featuring: Sable N6900, Keystone Accell, Dynagraft D, LifeNet FDB, Global Microscope, Ethicon 6.0 gut, Dentsply PepGen P-15

Periodontal Microsurgery: AlloDerm Grafting #22-27

Featuring: Global Microscope, OptraGate, BioHorizons AlloDerm, Hu-Friedy and Hartzell Instruments.


Implant Microsurgery: Surgical Guide Implant Placement

Featuring: Carestream 9300 CBCT, Anatomage, Global Microscope, OptraGate, Implant Direct, Keystone Accell/DynagraftD, LifeNet FDB, Salvin Dental Specialties, Spencer Dental Lab, G&H Dental Arts, Dr. Alan Sio

Implant Microsurgery: Immediate Implant Upper Lateral

Featuring: Global Microscope, Physics Forceps, Implant Direct Legacy, Danville Materials StarFlow, Keystone Accell & Dynagraft D, LifeNet FDB

Immediate Implant Provisional

Featuring Danville Materials Turbo Temp, Star Flow, Prelude and Slow Speed Friction Grip Handpiece, Implant Direct Legacy, Keystone Accell/DynagraftD, LifeNet FDB, Ivoclar Optra Gate, Global Microscope

Implant Microsurgery Upper Right Sinus Grafting

Featuring: Lateral Sinus Bur Kit, Carestream CBCT, Keystone Accell/Dynagraft D, LifeNet FDB, Implant Direct Legacy, Dr. Nathan Kaufman (restoration)

Implant Microsurgery: Replacing Retained Deciduous Molar

Featuring: Global Microscope, Keystone Accell & Dynagraft D, LifeNet FDB, Dexis Digital Radiography